Konsthall C, 2015–16. Visual identity for the exhibition programme Home Works at Konsthall C, Stockholm. Curated by Jenny Richards and Jens Strandberg. Collaboration with Maryam Fanni. “Konsthall C is an artspace situated in a communal laundry. Through commissions, events and publishing, Home Works germinates from the issues that this site activates, and investigates the politics of the home and domestic work. Home Works began in 2015, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the UN certified ‘Women’s Year’ which sought to place the struggle of women upon an international agenda. That same year the International Wages for Housework Movement – a political campaign addressing the struggle of women within the household – gained some of its most significant ground in Iceland, when Reykjavik came to a standstill as 90 percent of the women went on strike in the conceived ‘Women’s Day Off’ (Oct. 1975). This tight combination of historical events and sites draw attention to questions addressing how we communise and resist contemporary organisation of work, and its gendered division of labour.”