Peder Alexis Olsson, Tennis, Drucksache, 2015. Essay/poster by Yara Flores. Collaboration with Jacob Grønbech Jensen. “Tennis is a poem in the form of a book, a border, a constellation, a figure, a chart of self-explanatory data, a palindrome, a power structure, a conflict, an apparatus, a grid, a sous rature, an inner and outer limit, a zero point, etc., which consists solely of a graphic representation of the lines of a tennis court, including the net, in the scale of 1:1. Throughout Tennis the narrative of the line is broken up in various paths, following the court in its entirety as it unfolds over 772 pages. Tennis comes with an appendix including Peder Alexis Olsson’s notes for a lecture, ‘A Genealogy of the Line’, on the rules, history and language of Tennis, as well as an essay by Yara Flores, ‘Harold and the Janus-Faced Line’, on the split personality of lines in the works of children’s book author Crockett Johnson.”